When you finished your Local Community Fund online application you’ll have seen a screen, which thanked you for your application. Unfortunately, we’ve realised that a fault in the system means not all completed applications were saved. How to check your online application was received 1. Check for an email from ‘noreply@causes.coop.co.uk’ or search the subject header […]

Members have been joining us on our mission to make insurance clear and simple, to help them make the right choices when buying insurance. We know that insurance buying can be complex, so we’re looking at how we can do something uniquely open and co-operative. We have come up with 20 measures that we thought […]

I have been a volunteer for the British Red Cross since I was 16. I’ve covered areas such as first aid, emergency response, and crisis education and now I’ve taken on a new role as a Community Connector. In January 2016 I was a passenger in a friend’s car when we were hit by a […]

There’s a fraudulent email going round, that appears to be from the Co-op, but is a scam called ‘phishing’, to access your personal data. Here it is: How to spot scams This email is quite authentic looking, but the main giveaway that it isn’t genuine is the sender name and domain address. The sender’s name […]

My name’s Kristina and I’m a Member Pioneer in Rochdale. I’ve always been involved with my local community and love raising money for charity, so being a Member Pioneer is an amazing opportunity for me to do more. I really want to bring people together. We can achieve so much when we put our mind […]

Co-op colleagues across the country have been supporting Pride events this summer. Support for Co-op’s involvement in local Pride festivals has been phenomenal with many Co-op Members, colleagues and customers sharing their Pride experiences on social media using #PrideInCoop. We’ve also heard from some people on social media asking how Co-op supports other minority groups. […]

I’m Abimbola, a Member Pioneer in York. Being involved in the community comes naturally to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. So, getting an opportunity to build bridges between Co-op and my local community is amazing. I’m here to do my best to revive community spirit and make people understand that helping one […]