Chocolate cupcakes

The great thing about Fairtrade Chocolate is that it tastes good while doing good at the same time. Because the cocoa used to make chocolate is Fair Trade it ensures the farms and producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work.

C-op Fair trade Chocolate product range

The Fair Trade movement ensures producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work, helping them and their families out of poverty and supporting them to participate in global markets without fear of exploitation.

You can buy a range of Fair Trade chocolate from The Co-operative Food as all our own brand block chocolate has been Fair Trade since 2002.

1. Well obviously you could just eat it straight from the wrapper, our Truly Irresistible selection is particularly popular:

2. It’s as quick a fix, but you could whip up a Fairtrade chocolate Cake in a Mug pretty fast with this recipe:


3. Want to share the experience with family and friends? Then create a batch of these Fairtrade Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes, getting the kids to give you hand…


4. You could create Chocolate Truffles with it and give them as gifts (making sure to sample them yourself first). Blogger duo Sisters Do Food show you how it’s done here:


5. If you can manage to keep your hands off the chocolate long enough to make this amazing Fairtrade Fabulous Mocha cake then we applaud you (and we’ll take a slice too!)…


And if you need any more encouragement to choose Fairtrade why not visit our website to understand the difference buying Fairtrade makes.

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  1. hello! and thank you so much for featuring our little blog – my boys just love making those cake in a mug – perfect for Valentine’s Day too! 🙂



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