Book: Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Book: Living With a Killer  The prognosis for Keith, living with the inherited disease Cystic Fibrosis, was that he wouldn’t live much beyond the age of 20. The genetic disorder has cast a shadow over his life but he has defied medical opinion and today, having worked over 30 years at the Co-op is leading a hectic and full life. Colleagues have fundraised to help him get his story out there helping him to get a book published. Here are some excerpts from his remarkable story:

“It is a testimony to his resilience, strength of character and charm that he leads such a normal life despite the huge burden of having Cystic Fibrosis. A read of his biography is hugely revealing as to how he has more than coped with CF as a potentially lethal disease.” Professor A K Webb FRCP

“Keith Rudman was never given much chance of living a long life, having a death sentence hanging over him since the day he was born. Having been through the trauma of managing his condition for so many years, Keith is looking to a bright future and hoping to prove an inspiration for the thousands of people with debilitating illness – who think that life holds nothing for them – that they can cope and prosper.” Author Steve McHugh “One of the loves of my life has been popular music, and one of my idols Road Stewart. And it’s the lyrics in one of his songs, The Killing of Georgie, that have inspired me. The verse in particular goes: ‘Never wait or hesitate, get in kid before it’s too late, you may never get another chance. Cos youth a mask but it don’t last, live it long and live it fast’. Co-operative Store Manager Keith Rudman

Keith’s story will soon be available to buy on Amazon.

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