Recycling pastic bags for garden decoration

With 70% of coastal plastic waste being made up of carrier bags, surely it would be better to reuse them? Since 2006 we have been working to reduce carrier bag usage and contribute to a zero waste society.

On the plastic bags you’ll find in our supermarkets we have made some suggestions on how you could reuse the bags you get in store. plasticbag Reuse this bag as a bin liner, half a pair of disposable wellies, a swimming kit bag, a portable laundry basket, a disposable glove (left or right – handed), a gardening mat, a paint tray liner, a muddy boot carrier something to take your packed lunch to work in, a paint brush protector, a temporary filing cabinet or you could just use it for your shopping again. Those were some ideas we came up with, but it seems there are some other innovative ideas for ways to reuse plastic bags: You could use it to help get in shape: You could sell it on eBay: plasticbag-ebay You could use it for baking and making: You could make a beautiful addition to your garden:

outdoor decoration made from plastic bags

outdoor decoration made from plastic bags If you have any more suggestions share them here – we’d love to hear them… the more innovative the better!

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