DIY causes relationship issues

DIY destroys relationships. Fact. According to new research from The Co-operative Insurance, 42% have argued with their partners about everything from changing lightbulbs to laying laminate.

Here are the five main reasons people gave for falling out with their partner over home improvements:

Couple painting, disagreeing over DIY1. They got sick of waiting for their partner to do the DIY
2. Their loved one started a job and didn’t finish
3. They disagreed over cost
4. The job ended up in disaster
5. They disagreed over how the job should be done

How can relationships survive when more than half of those surveyed (53%) would rely on partners to do all of the DIY tasks? You could take the lead from the happy 25% who rely on Dad to fix things round the house or 18% who prefer to pay someone to do it for them.

Who does the DIY in your home?

There’s more details on this on the Co-operative Insurance website

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