Looking up in One Angel Square Atrium

One Angel Square is the Support Centre for The Co-operative Group. When construction was completed in February 2013 it was the most environmentally sustainable building in Europe and is still a shining example today.

You may have seen photos of One Angel Square but The Co-operative’s Google Business View allows you to take a virtual tour.

Here are seven facts about the building you may find interesting while you’re taking a look around…

1. Desks are never more than 7.5 metres away from natural sunlight
As it’s proven that daylight within the workplace helps people feel happier in the workplace

2. Lighting is the building is triggered by movement and body heat

3. The lifts conserve energy when going down, which power them going up

4. Fresh air is heated and cooled in the basement of the building
This means there’s no need for radiators or air conditioning

5. Rapeseed oil powers and heats the building

6. A Boeing 737 aeroplane can fit in the Atrium

7. The outside of the building is double glazed, which acts like a big duvet

There’s a few more facts about The Co-operative’s support Centre at One Angel Square on the website.

And you can read more about the design and creation of One Angel Square in this guide

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