Pigeon at Co-op store in Abingdon
August 7, 2015

Cooped up!

It’s been an eventful week for one little pigeon from the town of Abingdon in Oxfordshire, as she is now a local celebrity after popping into her local Co-op Food store.

What this little pigeon hadn’t realised was that the store had recently closed, meaning she was able to sneak in, but soon became cooped up at the Co-op.

The pigeon was spotted by locals through the windows on the shop front at the beginning of the week. Upon noticing the pigeon, the local community clubbed together to ensure her stay inside the store was as comfortable as possible. The community even decided to name her after the town and she was soon known as Abby.

Locals help save pigeon stuck in co-op store

BBC Oxford picked up the story, causing the news of Abby’s adventure to spread across the town. Locals regularly popped by the store and dropped bird seed and food through the letterbox so that she was able to eat while waiting for her release. Some inventive individuals even squirted water pistols through the letter box so she was able to have a little drink.

Locals help save pigeon from Co-op storeNews of Abby the Pigeon spread across social media with the hashtag #SaveTheAbingdonPigeon and was picked up by the social media team here at The Cooperative Group.

Once informed, it was arranged for someone to head to the store as soon as possible so they could open the doors and set Abby free.

Abby was checked over quickly and after seeing no signs of injury she was able to fly off and return to her home. We’re sure she’ll remember to not confuse coop with Co-op again!

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