When Great Luis 2British Bake Off contestant Luis Troyano popped in earlier this year, the bread week star baker gave us a few (rather unconventional) tips for making bread. So if you like a loaf and are not afraid to get your hands dirty take a look at these seven bread making tips Luis left with us:




  1. When shaping bread don’t use rice flour
  2. If it’s a good dough it shouldn’t be sticking to the surface
  3. Bread is cooked at 96 degrees Celsius so you can use a therma pen to check
  4. When filling bread use dry ingredients like cured meats and dried olives
  5. Like a cheesy bread? Then use a Cheshire cheese or Parmesan as it won’t disappear.

Hopefully these will help any budding bread makers but if you have your own tips then we’s love to hear them!


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