vegetable cakes

Now, when you don’t have any children of your own, you have to be resourceful when you decide to make cakes intended to entice children into eating their vegetables. So, would any parents you work with be willing to taste them and once the secret ingredients were revealed, what do they think their children would think of them?

After making the vegetable cakes, the overall consensus is that the beetroot was a clear winner as it was a complete surprise as what it was made from and actually tasted nice, with no hint of vegetable involved.

The spinach cakes were well accepted until it was revealed what was in them – plus they had a slightly odd aftertaste from the olive oil and the green colour didn’t have the desired intrigue effect – even when described as Hulk cakes (because you grow muscles from eating spinach, not because you get angry and smash things once you find out you’re secretly eating vegetables).

The sprout cakes were not well received and some people may only have finished them to be polite.

Those who actually like sprouts did like the cake, but would describe them as more of a savoury cake and didn’t work well with the pink icing.

But would any parents think they can be used to get vegetables into their children’s diet? Possibly, if the child eats cakes in the first place but even the adults were a little wary once it was revealed that the cupcake they are about to munch into has a ‘secret’ ingredient and one refused just from the colour – so maybe we just need to improve our sales skills.

The experiment can continue thanks to the Co-ops Fresh 3 deals but maybe elsewhere as the office guinea pigs are a little wary when the cake tins arrive now!

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  1. This was so funny too read!! I think describing them as ‘hulk’ cakes is ingenious 🙂



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