Sprout cake with pink icing

There is one battle that seems to plague every family at some point – how to get the children to eat their vegetables.

Being a fussy eater is not a clear memory from being a child, but there is one clear enemy that would be fought over at meal times – brussel sprouts! – the marmite of the vegetable world.

Now as an adult, vegetables are no issue and online there are blogs galore about how parents get their children to eat their greens. An online community is evolving as many search for different ways to get their children to eat healthy and suggest techniques that have worked.

Now as a food lover, especially for baking, an experiment was devised – could we merge baking and vegetables – Vegecakes? Alternabakes?

From a quick look online, apparently you can – the most obvious one is a carrot cake but there are many more possibilities – apple and cauliflower, beetroot and chocolate, sweet pea and vanilla and even cucumber.

We decided to follow recipes for beetroot and chocolate cake; and spinach muffins;  to try and ease into the world of vegetable cakes but there’s still one childhood foe that needs facing – the brussel sprouts!

chocolate and beetroot cakeSpinach Muffins


Only two recipes exist from our search;Baking with brussel sprouts and Baking a Brussel Sprout Cake

Baking with Vegetables: Sprout Cup cakeBrussel Sprout Cake

Both had the same ingredients but one made a large cake and the other made into cupcakes. We decided to make cupcakes, with a slight adjustment of swapping the oil for butter and adding plenty of extra ginger, cinnamon and vanilla essence to try and hide the overpowering taste and smell of the vegetables. At first, this seemed in vain due to the sprout tinged aroma coming from the oven as they baked. This (thankfully) subsided once they cooled were decorated with a misleading pink icing, instead of cream cheese to make the ‘surprise’ even more surprising.

Now for the final experiment – can they successfully fool the eater that they are ‘ordinary’ cakes?

You can read the results in Suzanne’s next post...

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