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Whether it’s a staycation somewhere in the UK or a two-week sunshine getaway, if you’re planning on leaving home for any kind of short break or holiday then you should consider what you’re leaving behind as well as what you take with you.

Typically holiday makers have a checklist to make sure nothing essential is left behind, but in the build up to a getway research from The Co-operative Insurance suggests that there are a few more lines that should be added to any holiday checklist. Here are some actions you should probably add to your list to reduce the risk to what you leave.

  1. Check your windows
    – because almost a third of Brits have gone out of the house leaving the windows open (32%)
  2. Check your doors
    – might sound obvious but 13% of people have left a door open
  3. Check where your keys are
    – because more than one in five people (21%) have left keys in view of windows and doors
  4. Check that your keys are actually in a safe place
    – more than one in seven people (15%) have left keys in a “hiding” place outside
  5. Check the garage/shed is locked
    – as more than one in 10 homeowners (12%) have  left the garage or shed unlocked
  6. Check the burglar alarm is activated
    – our figures showed 22% of people don’t put the burglar alarm on when leaving the house.
  7. Check your social media updates
    – 9% of people in our survey posted their whereabouts on social media when they are not at home

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You can read more of the home security findings on The Co-operative Insurance website

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