The Great Community Bake #coopbake
September 16, 2015

Do It Like a Star Baker…

When Great British Bake Off contestant Luis Troyano came to visit us at our Angel Square support centre we asked him for some tricks of the trade that could help any baker, whether they were new to making and baking or not.

Luis didn’t let us down and gave us four tips that could help transform a baker into a celestial one!

Cupcake Baker?

Here’s a baking tip that could save on the washing up!

Pie or Quiche Maker?

There’s a few hints in here that should help with lining a tart tin and prep for blind baking

Pasty Perfectionist?

Cornish pasty crust crimping creativity…

Pizza Topper?

Get nice dough and save some dough (by using an alternative to a pizza stone)

And if you think your bakes have star quality why not share them as part of our Great Community Bake using the #coopbake hashtag

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