September 23, 2015

Our Number One Fairtrade Red

If you’re planning sit back and relax because you enjoy a #WineWednesday, or if you’re cooking up some hearty autumnal food, you’ll enjoy a bottle (or two) of our number 1 selling Fairtrade wine! A delicious South African, berry fruited Shiraz, gently dusted with pepper and spice.

To help you celebrate our number 1 Fairtrade red, here are few more stats that will explain, in a small way, how this delicious bottle of wine is made. Firstly, it’s worth remembering that every vineyard is unique, even those next door will be slightly different! Grape size varies from variety to variety and add the weather into the mix and you get a recipe for lots of variation.

But here’s the stats:

There are approximately 9,800 hectares or 24,216 acres of Fairtrade vineyards planted worldwide, which equates to over 14,000 football pitches.

There are over 29 million bottles of Fairtrade wine produced a year.

The average vineyard plot is 4.5 hectares or 11.1 acres and they’ll harvest & make about 13,500 bottles of wine per year.

One grape vine will produce around 12 bottles of delicious grape juice.

Around six bunches or 700 individual grapes are squished (technical term) to make a bottle of wine.

Therefore a 175ml glass contains about 163 grapes (one of your five a day??!).


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