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Your funeral may not be something you have given much thought to, as death is not something we like to talk about as a nation. However as the UK’s leading Funeralcare provider we have discovered a shift in the UKs perception of funerals.

Traditionally, a funeral is a ceremony held in a formal setting, where friends and family of the deceased arrive in dark, formal dress, to pay their respects and say their final farewells to a loved one, before a social gathering known as a wake takes place. So deep rooted are these perceptions of a funeral when we asked, half of adults didn’t know that funerals could be conducted outside of a religious setting.

However our Funeral directors are increasing being asked to tailor tributes as people learn that you can tailor every aspect of a funeral.

Here are just 7 ways you could move your final farewell away from from the traditional to something a little more you:

1. Have your favourite song played
50% of people would choose a favourite song for their funeral
2. Request that guests don’t wear black
26% said they would like guests not to wear black at their funeral
3. Choose your coffin
33% of funeral director have had requests for a banana leaf or bamboo coffin
4. Choose a hearse that says something about you
8% of people would opt for a more appropriate hearse for their funeral
5. Give your funeral a theme
16% would like a theme for their funeral
6. Have a party instead of a wake
11% would like a wake at a nightclub
7. Feature a montage
13% would like footage of their life shown at their funeral

For more ideas on how you could tailor your funeral or to find out more about Funeral Trends in the UK, visit the Co-operative Funeralcare website

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