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October 2, 2015

Are you buying British?

Yorkshire likes their meat…. Kent likes their pies… and Cheshire likes their sandwiches. Just a few of the findings that show which areas of Britain buy the most of our British produce.

Celebrating British Food Fortnight (19 September-4 October), we took a look across our wide range of Co-op branded British produce and looked at which county buys the most. Click on the image to open a full size version.

Showcasing the Best of British at The Co-operative Food

We know our members and customers have more confidence in British sourced food and we’re proud to support this with British sourcing helping our drive for own-brand quality.

Did you know…

  • We trade with almost 2,000 UK farms and over 550 UK suppliers
  • 100% of our fresh British beef, chicken, ham, pork, sausages, duck, turkey and milk is British
  • We use British meat in all chilled ready meals, pies and sandwiches
  • When in season, we have 100% British potatoes, carrots, cabbage, swede, onions and parsnips


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  1. Where is the Cornish, Scottish and Welsh produce I wonder?



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