Ironing - Hot off the Press
  1. Letting off steam – Create an environment where you can maximise the relaxing effects of ironing
    Ironing to let off steam
  2. Ironing bored – Set yourself time trials as you iron to make it more engaging
    Ironing bored
  3. Crease you up – Take your mind off what you’re doing by getting engrossed in a comedy box set
    Ironing - Crease you Up
  4. Pressed for time? – Catch up on your latest TV love using the ironing as an excuse to spend ages in front of the TV.
    Ironing Pressed for Time
  1. The Iron, the witch and the wardrobe – If you can’t get control of the TV why not lose yourself in an audio book
  2. Iron man – Don’t just turn it on and get going, take time to explore the features and settings.
    Ironing - Iron man
  3. Hot off the press – Iron something you can wear almost immediately (after it’s cooled down) so you can get that just just pressed joy!
    Ironing - Hot off the Press

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