Ironing bored

There are many reasons not to like ironing…

  • the aching you get in one arm because you can’t iron with both hands
  • the fact that there’s always a crease that wins the iron VS crease battle (even though the iron usually wins the war)
  • when you always have to refill the water just as you’re getting into your stride
  • When pressing the steam button, nothing seems to happen and when you lift the iron to check, there’s your blast of steam
  • and how do you clean an iron anyway?!!?

According to research from 2012 families spend an average of 160 hours a year eliminating unwanted creases from clothing, adding up to around a year-and-a-half over a lifetime. But the latest irons have changed the face of…erm… ironing with their efforts to make this dull chore quicker and easier.

Here’s five reasons why getting a steam generator iron could change your face when you think about ironing!

Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Auto Clean Steam Generator Iron in Purple - from The Co-operative Electrical

  1. It has a high level of constant steam which glides through stubborn creases easily, helping to reduce your time spent ironing
  2. With a larger water capacity you can iron for longer, without breaking your flow.
  3. It will clean itself when it’s ready which means no white crusty limescale on your clothes
  4. It takes just two minutes to heat up so you can get it over and done with quicker!
  5. They have electronic controls making them even easier to understand.



Not convinced? Don’t think a getting an iron upgrade will change the way you feel about ironing? Then you may need to consider just recycle your ironing board. Here are a few ways to reuse your ironing board…

  1. As a ping pong table

  2. Use it as a bar
    Use your ironing board as a bar?
  1. Recycle it and use it for storage
  1. As a work bench

  2. In the garden

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