Loath Ironing?
October 19, 2015

Ironing: Love it Or Loath it?

Five Reasons to Love Ironing

  1. It’s actually very relaxing once you get going
  2. Ironing counts as exercise as half an hour is equivalent to one sixth of an exercise class
    Ironing burns calories
  3. That sense of satisfaction when the ironing pile has gone
  4. The feeling of putting on freshly ironed clothes
  5. You’ve got the ultimate ironing gadget – a steam generator iron

Five Reasons to Loath Ironing

  1. You can never do it as good as your mum/dad
  2. Ironing boards are awkward!
  3. Even when they are ironed clothes still have wrinkles in them (unless you’re some kind of ironing wizard!!)
  4. Why do you want to be like those people who judge you for having wrinkled clothes?
  5. It takes up time that could be better spent doing something… anything else!

But if you do find that you could maybe be persuaded to get the iron out here are a few reasons to reconsider your feelings about ironing

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