In the UK we waste food, which has been estimated to equate to £60 a month.

Food Waste in the UK according to LoveFoodHateWaste

According to LoveFoodHateWaste one of the main reasons for this is that we don’t use it in time.

Why we waste food in UK households according to LoveFoodHateWaste

However technology could be here to help…

The right temperature and ideal humidity conditions help fresh food stay fresh which is something we have known for decades. Even before artificial refrigeration was even considered people stored some food outside or in window boxes to preserve its freshness. But when fridges became affordable enough for the ordinary consumer at the end of World War One, they have changed the way we live.

Fridges help food stay fresh because keeping it cold slows down the bacteria that makes it decay. But the technology inside fridges continues to be developed to help keep food fresher for longer. Since not all types of food need the same temperature and humidity conditions some fridges are able to create different areas for different types of food. For example Liebherr has come up with the additional temperature zone, BioFresh, where many types of food can be kept fresh for much longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment. This could give you an extra week to use your asparagus or lettuce, an extra month to use your carrots, or even an extra 3 months on that cheese only one person in the house likes to eat!

Examples of extended freshness using BioFresh from Liebherr

The information relates to storage in a Liebherr BioFresh Drawer compared with a conventional fridge.

The longer you’re able to keep food in the fridge the more chance you have of getting round to using it. Do you think this would help you waste less food?

The Liebherr fridges with BioFresh compartments are available from The Co-operative Electrical:



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