Guide to Smart TV
November 18, 2015

The Smart Guide to TVs

Gone are the days when buying a TV simply meant choosing which size you wanted. As technology has advanced so has the range and choice. Most TVs look very similar however they can vary in technology and the at home viewing experience they deliver. For many people this increase in choice is more confusing than exciting so we thought a little guide might help!

Smart TVs

In simple terms; Smart TVs are TVs that can be connected to the Internet so you can stream video, music and entertainment apps like Netflix. Most Smart TVs connect to the internet through built-in Wi-Fi but some use an Ethernet connection.

Smart TVs don’t necessarily have a better picture – it’s the internet smart tvaccess and variety of apps available that are the selling point. You can now find Smart TV functionality in lower-end and higher-end TVs.

Different brands of Smart TV differ to each other in that there is no standard operating system or interface – nearly all Smart TV manufacturers use different software. They also offer different online services and apps however they nearly all support popular services such a Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

If you’re a big fan of video streaming then a Smart TV is a must-have TV.

Android TV

Android TV is basically Google’s version of a Smart TV. It is an operating system that manufacturers could choose to use within their Smart TVs. The reason there is a lot of talk about Android TV is because it is Google’s version.

Google have designed their Android TV to bring all the things you enjoy on your phone to your TV. You can’t make calls or read emails but you can access all the entertainment you do on your phone. The benefit to Android TV is that it has a familiar interface, it has search capabilities and a recommendation engine which suggests content based on keywords. It is also very easy to move content from your phone to your TV, then continue to use the phone’s functions as well!

Android TV is a fantastic choice for those who love all things Google and want a Smart TV that syncs with ease to their other Smart devices.

Curved TVs

Curved TVs provide users with a more comfortable and natural way to watch. They use the same technology of curved IMAX screens to provide a fantastic immersive experience. The curved screen enables the picture to curved-tventer your peripheral vision which draws you deeper into the world you’re watching – perfect for movies! In fact one of the first things people say when watching content on a curved TV for the first time is that the picture feels 3D!

A huge movie fan and have space for a large screen? Then a Curved TV is the one for you!

4K TVs

4K TVs are essentially Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs – it is the closest TVs have come to replicating what our eyes see in the real world. The term 4K refers to there being almost four thousand pixels along the horizontal edge of the picture, however the name 4K is also given to UHD TVs which are 3840×2160. The terms 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) are largely interchangeable.

4K TVs are a hot topic and are classed as the next big thing in TV technology. They provide a picture quality that is four times the resolution of Full HD which means a sharper-looking, more detailed picture which suits the larger TVs that are becoming the norm in most households.

Once you buy a 4K TV you won’t be able to simply watch everything in 4K. A 4K TV will automatically upscale certain content but the easiest place to enjoy 4K programmes at the moment is on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Youtube and BT Sport Ultra HD; all offer a handful of programmes in 4K, and this is set to expand further.

Although not essential right now, if you are in the market for a new TV it would be silly to not buy a 4K model.

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