5 Reasons to Love Dishwashing

  • It can be quite relaxing once you get into it.
  • There’s great satisfaction in a clean kitchen.
  • You always have plenty of plates and glasses for guests who turn up un-expectantly.
  • standing up to do the dishes actually has health benefits – much more than sitting down watching TV.
  • You can just throw it all in your dishwasher and leave it be. *smug face.

5 Reasons to Loathe Dishwashing

  • You always miss that one teaspoon in the bottom of the bowl!
  • It leaves you with wrinkly, dry hands after leaving your hands in warm water for too long!
  • Your dishwasher seems to eat all your teaspoons – seriously where do they go!
  • It takes some skills to cram everything in your dishwasher so it all goes in one load.
  • It takes up time you’d rather spend doing anything else!

But if you feel you need some reasons to fall back in love with your dishwasher, here are some unexpected uses for your dishwasher that you never knew of…


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