The Co-operative Fairtrade White wine
December 2, 2015

Fairtrade White Wine

There’s an acronym specifically related wine that came about in the late nineties – ABC. You might’ve heard of some other ABCs before, there are hundreds out there covering lots of different things – for purposes of this blog we’ve got All Bases Covered and All Bits Combined… I’ll stop now.

Cast your mind back to the days before Italian Pinot Grigio was the drink of choice and we couldn’t get enough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! Australian Chardonnay was the number one white – aromatic, fruity and ever so slightly creamy – in demand and everyone’s favourite. Until a few shortcuts were taken by wine makers to keep up with demand, that dulled the aromatics, numbed the fruit and made the wine taste just too woody. Turning us all into ABCs – Anything But Chardonnay.

But, thanks to one of South Africa’s pre-eminent female winemakers – Courlea Fourie creating a wine, that in the words of Ed Robinson our FT wine buyer “tastes scrumptious”. We’re changing wine drinkers minds, because our Co-operative Fairtrade Chardonnay is our number one selling fairtrade white wine. A great example of what modern (and traditional Chardonnay) tastes like – the aromas are crisp and fresh with lemon and pear hints, these flavours follow onto your palate where you’ll get some apple notes too and because this wine has been judiciously oaked you’ll get a wonderful crème brûlée inspired finish.

So if you’re thinking of cooking up some hearty autumn food like fish pie or a chicken casserole this is the wine for you! The perfect match and you’ll help the community in the Western Cape by supporting projects that help with pre-school education and child care.

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