Fairtrade glittered roses in a table centre display

 Christmas is a lovely time to get crafty and this Christmas table centre is simple yet impressive. So grab a family member, friend or choose to tackle this yourself!19 Dec Table Centre 1

You’ll need a foam ring, foliage (we’ve used ruscus, cryptomeria, hemlock and Co-op Fairtrade red glittered roses and blue eryngium), cinnamon stick bundles, pine cones, one oasis wreath frame, natural string, stub wires and a pillar candle.  Prepare your cinnamon stick bundles by looping the wire around the bundles, twisting the end together and working down the wire. Cover the wire with natural string or ribbon.

19 Dec Table Centre 2

Use a knife to remove the inner and outer edges of the oasis wreath frame to make a smooth and rounded shape.

19 Dec Table Centre 3

Next cut the foliage to a suitable size and start pushing them into the frame. Work in one direction for both the inside and the outside. Make sure the first layer of foliage covers the base of the frame.

19 Dec Table Centre 4

Once you have the main shape and covered all the frame with the foliage, cut the roses down to size and arrange in a triangle or diamond. It’s always best to work in odd number to achieve a balanced look.

Fairtrade roses

Fill in throughout the frame with the remaining roses cinnamon bundles and additional flowers or details you’d like to include – dried orange slices look lovely! Once happy with the appearance of your Christmas centre piece place the candle in the centre.

And there you have it! You’ve created something festive and impressive to sit proudly on your table during Christmas Dinner.



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  1. Looks stunning, just wondered how long the flowers & foliage will last?



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