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December 18, 2015

A Pet by Any Other Name….

If you own a crossbreed cat called Oscar and live in London, or a Labrador dog called Alfie, chances are you may be taking a trip to the vet sometime soon.

Analysis of our Insurance claims data has revealed that the unluckiest dogs in the UK are named Alfie, Charlie and Bella, whilst cats called Oscar, George and Alfie also have the potential to cause calamity.

It seems that cats need every one of their nine lives, with the most claimed for condition being road traffic accidents, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is also common. Owners of domestic crossbreeds are more likely to claim than any other, followed by owners of British shorthair, Maine Coon, Bengal or Siamese cats.

The most claimed for condition for dogs is lameness, however alarmingly our insurance business has seen a high number of claims for dog poisoning since 2013. Labrador owners are most likely to find the need to claim followed by owners of crossbreeds, cocker spaniels, German shepherds and Bulldogs.

Most claimed for pet – by name

Dog Cat
1. Alfie Oscar
2. Charlie George
3. Bella Alfie / Charlie
4. Molly Leo
5. Ruby Molly

It might be no surprise that London, with its bustling streets and plentiful transport options, is the unluckiest area for pets; but Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester are the next most likely areas for pet claims.

Where do the unluckiest pets in the UK live?

Dog Cat
1. London London
2. Nottingham Bristol
3. Manchester Nottingham
4. Bristol Brighton
5. Glasgow Leeds

What has been your experience with your pets? Do you think the name makes a difference?


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