December 18, 2015

Small acts of kindness

It appears as though the Co-op Food Christmas advert has really struck a chord with members of the public this year. Our advert and the viral #DoorStepChallenge have inspired people to carry out their own acts of kindness.

We’ve heard fantastic stories from members of the public who have dropped off a bag of shopping at a neighbour in need. This is exactly what Lyndseys’ daughters did; surprised someone in their local community with a bag of food and flowers.

My little girls loved your advert so much they wanted to do the same thing, so tomorrow we’re taking some goodies to the bungalows we pass on the way to school. Thank you for the lovely idea.

act of kindness blog collage

There are many more of you who are taking the time to spread a little Christmas cheer to those who may need it.

It’s also inspired Mrs Ingham, a customer in Lancashire to write poetry:

Poem by Mrs Ingham in Lancashire

Will you be surprising someone with a small act of kindness this Christmas?

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  1. What a lovely idea

  2. Best Christmas advert on TV that’s what Christmas is all about just love it .

  3. My husband and I went in and bought the £10 Xmas meal deal to surprise our son who is struggling on a low wage. We have popped it into his freezer whilst he’s at work so he’ll get a surprise when he gets home later.


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