The Co-operative Mince Pies... leave one for santa?

A tot of sherry, a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph. It’s a scene that will be repeated in millions of homes tonight as a little treat for Santa. But times are changing.

Group-ChristmasdrinksResearch from Co-op Food now suggests that 27% of households will leave milk out, compared to only 22% who will leave the traditional sherry. Whisky and wine are also appearing on firesides in increasing numbers.
And while we may mourn the loss of tradition, there’s an upside too. Inspector Susan Redfern from Greater Manchester Police’s Traffic Unit said:

“We’re sure Santa must have been over the limit in the past, so it’s great to see families taking note of our ‘none for the road’ advice and swapping the traditional sherry for milk”

However, her advice that Santa should share the driving during his long journey might lead to the rewriting of thousands of Christmas story books! Though Amanda Jennings, Head of Marketing, suggests that a responsible elf could be his designated driver.

Mince Pies still lead the way as Santa’s traditional nibble, but pressure is building (probably not as much as it is on his belt!) with chocolates and biscuits now appearing as treats. But we’re glad to hear that Rudolph is a traditionalist – carrots are going to take some beating!

What will you be leaving out tonight – traditional or something different? And if reading this is making you realise you’ve not got anything, then there’s still time to pop to your local Co-op and buy those essential little things to ensure you place yourself firmly on the nice list tonight.

Merry Christmas…

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