Colleague Carly Tait on the Track

Co-operative Food colleague Carly Tait is entering into the home straight in her bid to reach the Paralympic Games.

A former fitness-phobe she swapped night clubs for a wheelchair racing club after having her eyes opened to the sporting opportunities for people with cerebral palsy. She explains more in the video below:



Currently ranked 3rd in Great Britain in her favoured 100m sprint, Carly has now put her training regime firmly on track after being given a paid career-break to give her the time needed to chase her dream.

Carly, who joined Stockport Harriers Wheelchair Racing one month after the London Games, said: “I never realised the opportunities that existed for disability sport, my knowledge was limited and there was nothing I had seen that I could relate to until the buzz and attention of London 2012 opened my eyes.


“Less than four years on, I have competed against all the girls that inspired me at the London Games, and I am in the World top ten in my 100m, 400m and 800m class. Now, with the backing of The Co-op, I have time to train and exercise better, buy and prepare more nutritional food, test different types of wheelchairs and attend sports psychologists and physios – having achieved all I that I have while working full-time, the Co-op’s support has now given me a real chance of being on that plane to Rio.”

We’ll be following Carly’s progress in the run up to Rio, so keep an eye out for more ‘Road to Rio’ blogs.

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  1. After hearing all the horrible reports in the news over the last few years, reading stories like this is absolutely amazing. What an inspiration and something that many people could look upto including myself

  2. Absolutely amazing – an inspiration for us all.
    Best of luck in the games and the for the future.

  3. go carly your coop family ir right behind you

  4. What an achievement and an inspiration to everyone.

    Best of luck Carly. I hope to see you at Rio!


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