Carly Tait in training for the Paralympics
March 4, 2016

Road to Rio: The Training

Food colleague Carly Tait is now on the road to Rio, having been given the time to train full time for her dream of becoming a Paralympic medalist. In the second blog on the journey we get some insight into what it takes.

Carly is now training 2-3 times a day – 6 days a week, something she was unable to manage with a full time job. Carly explains: “The extra time in the day is allowing me to recover from my training sessions properly, eat proper food and attend all my necessary appointments, including the physio, sports massages and my sport psych.”

Carly Tait Training
The work throughout the cold winter months is to build up strength and endurance. She is in the gym using weights and intense stretching to prepare her muscles and out on the track putting in the miles. Then there’s additional work with her personal trainer to work on mobility and extra session in a world class training facility.

Carly adds: “Lastly I have been invited by Manchester City Council to be part of an elite sport development program, at the new Manchester Institute of Health and Performance in East Manchester. MIHP will provide access to world-class laboratory and performance capture facilities, including motion capture, force measurement, biochemistry and physiology labs. I went on a preview tour with the Director of the Institute and members of Manchester City Council, before the grand opening on the 4th of February. It’s a really exciting project to be involved in and I can’t wait to start using the facilities.”

As the weather warms up Carly will be focusing on speed to prepare for Team GB selection in the coming months.

If you’d like to know more about Carly’s Road to Rio journey or ask her a question yourself add a comment below.

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