The Co-operative Insurance Young Drivers Report
April 14, 2016

Driven to Distraction?

Young drivers have been sharing how family and friends impact the way they drive in Co-op Insurance’s Young People in the Driving Seat report.

It may seem like young people, cars and loud music would be no surprise but it seems that the volume of the radio is directly related to who is in the passenger seat. The volume is likely to go up with friends in the car but down if mum is riding shotgun.
Does dad drive them round the bend? That may be the case but his presence means they’re less likely to take corners to fast or shout at people out of the car window.

Driving with friends however seems to bring out the worst in young people behind the wheel as they are more likely to accelerate fast, brake hard and break the speed limit. But they are also more likely to ‘behave badly’ in the car, eating, drinking, smoking and shouting at people.

Young Drivers Share How Different Passengers Change the Way They Drive

With passengers having so much power over young drivers it’s no wonder that over a third (39%) of drivers prefer to motor alone. But for those that do prefer some company in the car two of the top reasons include feeling safer (47%) and moral support (40%).

However the research also showed that 39% of young drivers believe that their driving is positively affected by carrying passengers, in comparison to 15% who believe passengers make their driving style worse. So maybe passenger power is more of a driving force.

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