The Co-operative Supports Courtauld 2025

Back in March 2015 we announced our support of Courtauld Commitment 2025.

This is world–leading voluntary agreement to cut the cost of food waste. Right now for every two tonnes of food we eat another tonne is wasted, the Courtauld Commitment will tackle this head on.

For every 2 tonnes of food we eat in the UK another tonne is wasted

We are one of around 100 initial signatories who have committed to work together with WRAP to help the UK meet some ambitious targets.

By 2025 we’ll help to deliver:
1) A 20% reduction in food and drink waste arising in the UK
2) A 20% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity of food & drink consumed in the UK
3) A reduction in impact associated with water use in the supply chain

In the previous agreement, food and drink businesses worked together to reduce UK food waste, with big increases in surplus food redistribution to charities. This latest agreement will build on that work, but much of the easy savings will have been made. Water intensity has been included as an important issue to tackle.

If these targets are met it will mean a £20 billion saving to the UK economy.

As part of our continuing Courtauld work, we have been working with FareShare to help manage surplus food from our distribution centres. We estimate that in 2016 across all depots we can redistribute over 500 tonnes of which is enough to provide food for over one million meals.

Being a part of the Courtauld Commitment will see us sharing our knowledge with other businesses, and taking on board new learnings to help transform the industry and make the whole farm to fork system more sustainable.


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