Digital Pride at Angel Square - Vicky Beeching and Amy Collins

This week we celebrated #digitalpride, the UK’s first digital LGBT Pride event.

As you may also know, this year Co-op have set out to tackle loneliness and social isolation with our charity partner, British Red Cross. Digital pride was a chance for us to discuss loneliness in a digital world, from the LGBT perspective.

We kicked off the campaign with a Thunderclap, which gave us a chance to spread news of #digitalpride to over 380,000 people online, thanks to the 148 people who donated a tweet or Facebook post to the cause.

We also hosted an event at our support centre in Manchester, 1 Angel Square where we heard from our guest speakers; Amy Collins and Vicky Beeching. Along with the seventy five guests attending, we welcomed thousands to the event with our Facebook Live broadcast. You can re-watch the live streams and hear from our speakers below.

Amy Collins, Vice President of Data and Integrations at social media firm, Brandwatch, started the night by sharing the story of her transition and how social media helped with her confidence and mental health. Vicky Beeching, an out gay Christian and former “bible belt” musician, was interviewed by Co-op’s Sharon Pegg. Vicky shared her thoughts on religion, coming out, health and even an exorcism.

We concluded the night with a quick Q&A that gave our audience, in the room and online, the chance to ask their questions.

Amy Collins’ live stream:

Vicky Beeching’s live stream:

Q&A live stream:

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