June 23, 2016

We are proud


Despite what the weather may be telling you, summer is most definitely here and lots of people will be gearing up to go to LGBT pride celebrations up and down the country.

Taking part in pride is just one of the ways that we show commitment to diversity in our communities. We’ve supported over 100 since 2010, flying the rainbow flag in Glasgow, Brighton and Bristol, to name but a few places.

This year we’ll be supporting four prides – Blackpool, Manchester, London and Brighton – by dressing up local food stores, marching in the parade or both! Our theme for this year is ‘We are proud’, because we are proud, both of our LGBT colleagues and of our new Co-op. Follow our summer of Pride at #prideincoop.


Here are our top tips for a fabulous pride

  • See a parade – The parade is often the highlight of the festival, with loads of local LGBT community groups taking part. Keep an eye out for our colleagues if you’re heading to Blackpool, Manchester or Brighton.
  • Talk to people about LGBT issues – There’s been so much positive change for LGBT people over the past few years, but there’s still more that can be done. Pride is the perfect time to talk to people about why advocacy still matters. 
  • Be a culture vulture – Many festivals now have gigs, plays or workshops taking place before or after the main event. Check your local Pride’s website for more details.
  • Spend time with friends – whether you identify as LGBT or not, Pride is a great excuse to catch up with those closest to you.

We are proud

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  1. i agree with this event

  2. i dont agree/ at all. therefore i will get my day to day stuff from Morrisons in future. i’m not alone— if you think everyone supports you– think again. Support something mainstream– i might come back.

  3. Flying the Rainbow Flag? I hope you will be flying the International Co-operative Rainbow flag. Since 1930 when it was adopted by the International Co-operative movement, the Co-op’s seven colour flag flew on buildings and parades around the world. It was not until the 1970’s that the LGBT cut off one colour and used the same flag. It now is more well know. But I hope if you’r really proud of the International Co-operative movement, with hundreds of millions of members and 2 hundred +million employees worldwide you will also be flying the Co-op’s rainbow flag! (Democracy Equality etc the values and principles of all Co-ops). As opposed to the Values of Casino Capitalism, (profit exploitation greed in equality etc)


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