Arranging a funeral isn’t easy for anyone. Often things are made even harder for families because of the cost.

In Funeralcare we’ve been doing all we can to tackle the rising cost of funerals. Earlier this year we re-launched our Simple Funeral improving the offer and reducing the cost by £140 on average, giving families an affordable option without compromising on the quality we’re so well known for.

Today I’m proud to announce three major steps forward in our commitment to making funerals more affordable.

Firstly, we have become the first funeral provider to sign up to Fair Funeral’s enhanced pledge to tackle affordability. As a Co-op it’s so important we lead the way on issues like this – issues that really make a difference to people. Being open about our prices and making funerals work for a variety of budgets is exactly what we’re here to do.

Secondly, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our Simple Funeral Plan –the UK’s most affordable fully guaranteed plan at £2,995. It’s an exciting launch for us and again shows we’re leading the way in providing affordable and accessible options for everyone. We’ve crunched the numbers and if funerals continue to rise at the rate they are, buying this funeral plan now could save families more than £6,500 over 25 years, which is a very substantial sum by anyone’s standards.

Thirdly we are today announcing new payment options on our funeral plans. Plans can now be paid for over a period ranging from six months to 25 years with payments starting from under £15. This means that people can now pay for a funeral plan over a period of time that suits them.

You can find details of our plans and payment options here compared against other large providers.

The measures we’ve announced today are significant further steps in our overall programme to make funerals more affordable. Of course, we won’t be stopping there and we will continue to do all we can as a business to tackle funeral affordability.

Richard Lancaster, Managing Director of Funeralcare

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