It seems everyone was posting on social media about their shiny new blue card yesterday before popping into their local Co-op to try out the 5% and 1%.

Amid all the excitement there was one topic being talked about in stores, branches, offices and on social media – what about the partner card?

So here’s a reminder of the situation:

  • The current white partner cards won’t be switched off – they still work.
  • Partners should carry on using their existing card (the white one) – new blue ones won’t be sent out right now. We’ll update you on how this will work later on in the year.
  • Partner cards won’t get the 5% and 1% – it’s only colleagues and council members that are trying out our new membership over the summer.
  • Partners will still receive all the existing colleague discounts on offer.
  • Remember – the partner card isn’t another membership card, it’s a colleague discount card (which it’s always been).

And here are some of the most asked questions, answered:

Why haven’t you sent me a partner card with my new membership card?

The new membership cards have been sent to colleagues so they can help us test the new Co-op membership offer. As partners aren’t colleague members, they’ll not get new cards yet.

What’s the difference between my partner card and new membership card?

Partner cards = colleague discount (eg 10% off in Food)

Colleague membership card = colleague discount plus 5% and 1%

Membership card = 5% and 1%

Why does my partner need to become a member to get the new membership rewards?

Co-op membership and the rewards it gives (including voting rights and dividend points) can only be held by an individual member. The new 5% for you and 1% for your community is a new member benefit and not a colleague discount or benefit.

Is the key fob card to give to my partner?

The key fob was never intended to be an additional membership card. It’s for that individual member’s use so please don’t give it to your partner – this would be breaking the rules of our Co-op membership. From the autumn your partner can become a member in their own right and receive the 5% and 1%.

I’ve lost my partner card. How do I get a new one?

Please ring the membership contact centre on 0800 023 4708 who’ll be able to help.

Should my partner swipe both their partner card and their membership card?

If your partner is a member too they can use both their partner card and their current membership card or their new one, when they receive it in the autumn.

We asked colleagues in Angel Square a few questions around membership to see how much they knew. How many of these questions would you get right?



If you’re still confused about our new Co-op membership, please contact the membership contact centre on 0800 0234708.

And please make sure you continue to give us your feedback 

Join the conversation! 18 Comments

  1. When is the know issue with the cards not working in stores going to be solved we was all told it was working fine after trailing it in Angel square I’m currently loosing out , membership lines just keep saying it will drop in overnight and he’s doesn’t but it’s a know issue


  2. I have no idea what this is about, maybe the Brexit  and ensuing chaos have made me lose interest.


  3. Just wondering why on the mini keyring card the metalic swipe strip is on the end with the hole for your keyring so you cant swipe it?
    Surely should be on the opposite end?


  4. Well am I a colleague a member or a partner ? I’ve never read such a long winded non explanation. I think I’ve lost the will to live ……


  5. Can’t change my address on my membership card


  6. You say “pop into their local Co-op to try out the 5% and 1%.”
    I live in Ipswich, all my local “coops” seem to be East of England Coops with a Green Card.
    Where can I use it locally?
    (Totally confused)


  7. How long do I have to wait to be able to apply for one?


    • Hi Lewis, if you were an existing member before the 21st September your card should have arrived by now, so please contact the team on 0800 023 4708. If you joined after then your card should arrive anytime up to three weeks after signing up. ^Catherine


  8. I am a New colleague with 11 weeks worked at the end of the week when do I get my discount card? Do I need to become a member 1st???


  9. I was made redundant from the co op 2 years ago ,but got to keep my discount card because I have a pensin with you,I’ve lost my discount card how do I apply for a new one .


  10. Can I still use the partner card as well as my new membership card?


  11. I’ve mislaid my staff discount card how do I get a new one



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