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Know your Merlot from your Rioja and Sangiovese from your Syrah? You’re not alone. Our latest research shows that 88% of the population claim to be a “wine buff”.

Over the past 10 years interest in wine has dramatically increased and the average Brit now spends £19 on wine every week. 7 out of 10 of those polled are more interested in wine than they were 10 years ago.

This interest is evident in our food stores where we have seen demand for fine wines surge in the last year with sales of our Chateau Senejac soaring by 45%.

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The self-proclaimed wine buffs among us like to show off our knowledge among friends and are happy to spend more on a bottle to take to a friends house in a bid to impress them with our knowledge. In fact over a quarter admit to buying an expensive bottle of wine to impress other guests at a dinner party, while 25% say they research the wine they are serving to friends in  bid to impress.

“We’re certainly seeing this in store as shoppers take more time to choose their wine purchases, with price not always being the top factor. Instead where wine comes from, quality, grape varieties and label design are just as important.”
Ben Cahill, Co-op Wine Buyer

In fact, 51% of Brits determine a good wine by the country of origin, while 45% of us judge the quality of wine by the price.

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The figures show that more wine aficionados are making the switch to Co-op for their purchases than ever before, with figures highlighting that we are the top destination for last minute purchases – thanks to an increased availability of high-end wines and the introduction of more diverse and interesting bottles from some of the best winemakers from across the world.

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  1. Nice post! Can one be a wine buff in training? That’s me. Moved to Napa valley 2 years ago and trying to learn what there is to know. Check out our wine country blog at http://www.topochinesvino.com

  2. The Co-op is my first choice because its wine labels clearly reveal processing aid ingredients such as gelatin, egg and fish bladder extract. Clearly there is more to wine than crushed-grapes. Why do ingredients need to be declared on milk but not beer, wine and spirits?


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