Calamitous canines called Charlie are more likely to be the victims of pet insurance claims according to data from Co-op Insurance. And if you’re after a lucky cat, be sure to never name it Oscar.

With the average insurance claim for dogs amounting to £510 and cats £475, the need for owners to protect their animals from illness and accidents has never been greater.

Top ten unluckiest dog names      

1. Charlie
2. Alfie
3. Bella
4. Max
5. Ruby
6. Molly
7. Rosie
8. Oscar
9. Bailey
10. Poppy

New Co-op Insurance data shows that Alfie has been knocked off the top spot for the most unlucky dog name, while Oscar still remains the unluckiest name for cats.

When it comes to naming your pet, owners should potentially also steer clear of naming dogs Bella, while cats called George and Charlie are bringers of bad luck. Male pets are also more likely to run into bad luck than their female counterparts.

Top ten unluckiest cat names

1. Oscar
2. George
3. Charlie
4. Alfie
5. Felix
6. Max
7. Leo
8. Molly
9. Billy
10. Coco

Usually known for their dexterity and agility, it seems unlucky cats called Oscar really do need their nine lives, with the most claimed for condition being road traffic accidents, followed by gastro-intestinal disorders, with mouth and oral problems also being common. Owners of domestic shorthairs are more likely to claim than any other cats.

Digestive system disorders are the most claimed for illness for dogs named Charlie, followed by skin conditions and neurological disorders, such as seizures, head tilt, tremors or blindness, with crossbreed owners being the most likely to make a claim.

David Hampson, Head of Pet Insurance at the Co-op, says: “Any pet can come with its fair share of misfortune, landing you with an unexpected trip to the vets or causing mischief around the house, however based on our claims data Charlie and Oscar certainly aren’t the luckiest names you can give your pet.

“Regardless of the name of your pet, making sure you have a pet insurance policy in place to cover these eventualities can be the best way to protect them and avoid unwanted vet’s bills, whilst providing you with peace of mind.”

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