We hear lots of stories about Co-op colleagues who go above and beyond what their job description states but we recently heard about the brave actions of Nick Legg from our West Wellow store.

Down the road from the store two cars were involved in a head-on collision which caused the occupants to be trapped in their vehicles. One of the cars had caught fire and bystanders were struggling to free the man inside. The other vehicle, containing two pensioners was only yards away.

One of the bystanders, Chris, quickly drove to our West Wellow store and explained the situation. Our colleague Nick, without hesitation, grabbed the foam extinguisher and CO2 extinguisher and rushed to the accident with Chris. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, Nick advised Chris to put the headlights on, use the horn to clear the bystanders and to ensure the car doesn’t obstruct any emergency services.

When they arrive back at the scene the car was well ablaze, but Nick ran out of the car and towards the fire and emptied the contents of the extinguisher over the fire, helped by another brave bystander who used the second extinguisher. Together they rapidly brought the blaze under control. Nick then emptied the remnants on the fuel leak from the second vehicle which was running underneath the car that had been ablaze.

Thankfully the man had been freed from the first vehicle by the time that Nick arrived to the scene. However his brave actions potentially helped save the lives of the elderly couple who were still trapped in the second vehicle with the fuel leak.

Thanks to Nick’s professionalism and bravery when the emergency services arrived on scene several minutes later they were able to get straight to work looking after the casualties rather than being delayed making the scene safe.

Having spoken to Nick he is extremely modest about the actions he took and was just doing what he felt was the right thing to do. Martin Sanger, Co-op Area Manager

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  1. Thank you Sue Body, would do it again in a heartbeat

  2. Wonderful quick thinking by you both, and very brave too

  3. What a courageous man he is well done.


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