Located in the village of Barr is a popular not-for-profit community shop who rely on the generosity of the local community to keep the store open. Unfortunately their freezer broke down earlier this year and the team of volunteer employees had to launch a fundraising campaign to replace the broken refrigeration equipment.

Tom Copeland, a Co-op Engagement Advisor and other Co-op members in the community spotted the fundraising campaign and helped organise a new freezer to be delivered to the store.

The Co-op is a community retailer that is passionate about supporting local causes, so we were only too happy to donate a new freezer to Barr Village Stores. The store is a shining example of what can be achieved when communities come together to support each other and we hope that the new equipment provides a real boost to business. Tom Copeland, Co-op Engagement Advisor

Judy Brzezinka, store manager at Barr Village Stores was over the moon that Tom spotted their campaign and helped organise the donation from the Co-op.

“As a not-for-profit organisation we rely on the generosity of the local community to keep the store open. We are very grateful to the Co-op for its kind donation which means that we can continue to sell frozen goods to people in the village who rely on the store for their everyday essentials. Judy Brzezinka, Village store manager 

Tom is one of the many Co-op Engagement Advisors who are located within communities across the UK. His role enables him to find opportunities for the Co-op to work together with local businesses, causes and groups.

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  1. Regarding the issue above: It seems odd to a stranger like myself that has just joined the Coop to come onto the site for the first time & read about such a brilliant donation to the village shop from the Coop, then the next story is about spoiling things, putting in a new premises that really is not needed. This will surely have an impact on the shop that has served the community successfully all this time? I’m all for modernising things but not to the extent where it will affect the business that has served the community & survived up to now! Surely the locals know what they need, what works & what is going to have an unwanted impact on the whole village? I live in a large tourist area & when we go away there’s nothing better for us than staying out in the country & using the local shops, garage, pub etc.
    If it ain’t broke, why try & fix it?

    • Hi,
      Sadly pub companies buy up pubs in order to develope the sites, it’s called the great British pub scam, also sad is that the co op are one of the major companies buying and leasing these sites for there new stores. The co op say they listen to communities when looking at sites, but there is proof this is not happening, our pub raised 3k in 8 months last year for local charities, is a very family friendly local community pub, where people help everyone out, it’s busy and lots of family events are held there. At the community event held by the co op which was very well attended and no one was in favour, the site is also on a very busy intersection with a high traffic use and a accident black spot, yet the co op are proposing a 1000 cars a day entering and leaving the site. The whole idea is just crazy, but there is a lot of money at stake for the pubco and the co op, so ethics go out of the window. Thank you for taking time to comment

  2. What a lovely thing to do, the community where I live are having to come together to try and stop the CO-OP developing the car park and garden of our local village pub into another store when we already have one in the village. The CO OP are aware of what the pub means to our village, which is also opposite a nature reserve and a site of historical importance, but the CO OP are still going ahead.
    This sadly is not the only community in our country that has this fight on there hands as the CO OP seem to be developing on any pub site available and getting bad press nationally for doing it. So although it’s lovely you bought the freezer it’s very sad that you are also destroying communities all over the country.


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