Co-op Membership has changed

Since the publication of this article Co-op membership has changed – we are giving even more back to your community. Every time you buy selected Co-op branded products and services money goes to you and your community too. Find out more about Co-op Membership or download the app now.

One week from today we’ll switch on our new Co-op Membership rewards for all of our members and start to send out five million of our new blue Co-op Membership cards. It’s a huge moment in our three-year Rebuild. The 5% for you and 1% for your community rewards are the biggest changes we’ve made to Co-op Membership in decades.

From today our colleagues get to choose which local cause they want to support with their 1%. They’ve already built up a whopping £73,659 over the summer to help make communities stronger where they live. Soon our millions of members will get the same opportunity to do good by choosing Co-op.

Across the UK there are now more than 4,000 local causes, chosen by colleagues, set to benefit from Co-op Membership. Every six months we’ll bring forward a new selection and over time we’ll involve our members more and more in how they are chosen.

There’s even more good news for those local causes this week. We’re giving out the money raised from the sales of Co-op bags for life and the money collected from the 5p carrier bag levy in England and Scotland. That means every one of the 4,000+ local causes will receive something straight away. In most areas this will be more than £100 but in some areas this instant community benefit could be much higher.

Co-op Membership has changed

Membership re-invented

Our support for local communities through our new Co-op Membership is different to any other national business. That’s because there’s no cap to how much we’ll give. The more acommunity-illustration member spends on our Co-op products and services the more we can give to local communities.

Other businesses typically set a marketing budget for their community support. But that’s far from our approach. We’re making communities central to all we do because that’s always been at the heart of the co-op way of doing business.

We’ll be making a difference together

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you stories about the local causes you’re helping and the difference Co-op Membership is making. Across the country we’ll soon have thousands of new reasons to love the Co-op.

Richard Pennnycook
Co-op Group Chief Executive Officer

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  1. We are a local community in Hucknall Notts our group is Hucknall Tourism & Regeneration Group.We are a small team of volunteers who operate a information point in the local library and also arrange and run up to 20 Free guided bus tours around our ;local area. We have been trying to apply but are not retested with HMRC and are unable to complete the form

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  4. Who do you mean when you talk about a Colleague? Someone who works for the Co-op or a Cutomer member? OR both??

  5. There is a cap on how much the Co-op spend on local communities but the cap is not dependant on a marketing fixed budget but on how much members spend in the shops.

  6. @smithdavidwales

    I work in the Comms team at the Co-op and hope I can shed some light on your query.

    The situation is rather complex re Welsh CBL:

    · Funding from the sales of our reusable bags is being allocated to causes in Wales through Local Community Fund (the 1%)

    · For the 5p charge on single use carrier bags, we’ve extended our partnership with Wales Wildlife Trust to May 2017 and are in the process of approving a new round of projects

    · A legislative change is pending in Wales which could mean that all funding from the 5p charge has to support environmental projects

    · We have an ongoing dialogue with Welsh Government around how we distribute the 5p charge, but we are not allocating any to Local Community Fund for round 1.

    Hope this helps you understand our current situation.



  7. We awere always given the choice of which local charity benefited . I donated my divi mto a local charity.
    Lots of us customers already support the local community.
    When I weas interested in becoming a part of the CLF I was discouraged at every enquiry, finally being told our area was diverse and people were not really interested. Co-operative?

  8. Other than giving money, I am still unclear about what is the Coop difference.
    Richard refers to Scotland and England, but what about the distribution of the carrier bag levy in Wales? Already a large surplus will have built up since the ending of our formal agreement with the Wildlife Trusts Wales​. Who will decide how and when this money is to be used?


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