I now think if you can’t be a star, shine like one. Danny

We hear from Danny who started working at Crawley Co-op following a successful work experience in partnership with Work Choice, which helps those with disabilities find a job.

“My last job was a zero-hour contract, so each week I didn’t know if I would be working.

I was with Shaw Trust for about a year when I heard that Co-op Crawley was looking for new staff. My advisor helped me get a week’s trial to see how I would do.

Before, my advisor told me to give it my all, take everything I’ve learnt and let them have it. The trial went well, I was offered an interview and then got the job!

Having autism means I find social situations difficult but now I can sit down and have a chat with anyone. If you saw me two years ago, I was a completely different person. Look at me now – I can do anything!

Now that I’m working I have more of a social life and I can plan things I’ve always wanted to do.

To anyone who is down on their luck, thinking they can’t do anything – don’t think that. I thought the same thing for years and then I went to Shaw Trust. I now think if you can’t be a star, shine like one.”

Danny had never work in food retail before and was extremely nervous about the environment and was uncomfortable in social situations. Since he has been working at the Co-op his confidence has grown two fold, home life has changed in an extremely positive way and socialising has become much easier; making friends both in and out of work.

“As his manager I couldn’t be prouder of him, everyone in the store is fond of him, he is polite, courteous, hard working and respectful of all people he interacts with. There is nothing else I could ever want in a member of my team and Danny feels he has many years of Co-op life in him.” Caroline Foster, Crawley Co-op Store Manager

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  1. Great that was amazing for Danny God bless you Danny


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