In November 2015, we launched the #GrowingStories campaign with the aim of connecting Co-op members and customers with our Fairtrade producers across the world.

Every time that producers, members and customers engaged with each other online using the #GrowingStories hashtag we added £1 into our Producer Fund, which aimed to raise £25,000 to support a project in one of our producer communities.

Thanks to you we’ve reached our target and can now announce which of our producers will be receiving the funding.

Plus, we’ll be doubling the fund available, so we’ll be able to support a second project later in the year.

That’s an amazing £50,000 back to our Fairtrade producer communities.

The first producer that will receive the £25,000 funding is Aguadas Co-operative.

Aguadas are a co-operative of 5000 smallholder coffee producers in a particularly remote area of Colombia. All our Colombian coffee ranges come from Aguadas who we’ve been working with since 2003.

Aguadas will be using the £25,000 funding to run a Food Education programme.

In their remote region of Colombia, a lack of understanding of basic food safety and diet can lead to ill health. With the support of educational charity Fundacion Nutresa, around 250 women from Aguadas will be trained in food safety and nutrition. They’ll also be taught how to create and nurture their own home gardens.

This programme is all about encouraging gender equality. We’ll be empowering women to take control of food safety and nutrition in their communities and teaching them how to share this knowledge with others.

We’ll be following their progress as the project gets underway or you can follow their updates directly on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I’m vice chair of Orkney Fair Trade Group and Orkney Islands have Fairtrade status. My local Co-op in Stromness is very supportive supplying us with Fairtrade tea and coffee for events and working with us in the forthcoming Fairtrade Fortnight. However, some Fairtrade products are now no longer available in the store i.e. Fairtrade biscuits and this is very disappointing. Please could you increase the number of Fairtrade products available – there is demand and Fairtrade Fortnight will promote these. Many thanks, Robert Wilson

  2. Warmly welcome this approach to community capacity building, which has an equally important message in a UK context in all our campaigning /member engagement activity. How will we know this particular venture was successful, I.e. What are the evaluation arrangements and will they feed into future work?


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