We’ve officially launched our Co-op Irresistible products in-store.

Irresistible takes over from ‘Truly Irresistible’ and adopts our new look and feel on our premium range of products. We know offering our customers excellent quality makes them feel good about our food and helps us on our way to being the number one convenience retailer.

124 new lines, 83 improved and 143 rebranded. This range, and the quality on offer, gives another reason for customers to be Members. And as own brand products, they all earn our new Membership 5% and 1% rewards too.

More than just a new look
To be an Irresistible product, it has to be something special – a superb quality product that customers will want to buy again and again. To make the cut, they need to, for example, include specially selected ingredients, or perhaps be made using authentic traditional techniques – things that make a good product amazing. There’s a story behind every product and we’re telling these stories through the packaging and our marketing.

Our expert product development team have worked with our suppliers to create an Irresistible range that tastes the best in the market and delivers flavours that will really impress our customers.

And nothing gets the Irresistible label without first have been extensively taste tested and approved highly by our Co-op colleagues.

Discover your favourite
Perhaps it’ll be our Sticky Toffee Pudding – baked in small batches for that homemade flavour. Or our Chorizo and Rosemary Potato Pizza – using three day fermented Italian rye sourdough with smoked chorizo from Spain. Or maybe it’s the zesty Sicilian lemons and Italian ricotta cheese that sets off our Buffalo Ricotta and Sicilian Lemon Tortellini that’ll be your indulgent treat. Or how about our ready meals such as Keralan Chicken and Rice, which is one of three lines that’ve been nominated for a Quality Food Award?

Whatever it is, there’s going to be something in the range for you to discover and love.



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  1. Where can I buy truly irresistible balsamic vinegar near me, I live at PL157 LZ.


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