Co-op Membership has changed

Since the publication of this article Co-op membership has changed – we are giving even more back to your community. Every time you buy selected Co-op branded products and services money goes to you and your community too. Find out more about Co-op Membership or download the app now.

Do you want the Co-op to support a local cause you care about?

We’re looking for the next round of local causes to support in May 2017 with our new membership and we need you to spread the word so that your favourite local cause has a chance of receiving some much-needed funds.

It’s easy. To apply, charities need to visit our Local Community Fund website and complete the application form.

Co-op Membership has changed

How does it work?

Members now receive 5% back every time they buy Co-op products or services and 1% of what they spend also goes to a local cause. They then choose the local cause they want to support from a list of up to three in nearly 1,500 communities across the UK, centred around Co-op Food stores and Funeralcare homes.

The first causes were chosen by our local Co-op colleagues before we launched membership in September, and already our members have earned £900k for over 4,000 local causes.

Nick Crofts, President of the Co-op’s National Members’ Council, said: “Co-ops exist to support their members and the communities where they live. I know the money raised will provide much-needed funding for organisations who contribute so much to improving local life.

“The new scheme is proving extremely popular with our five million members and so we’re confident that it will generate thousands for the local charities and good causes chosen. I would encourage Co-op members to spread the word to causes close to their hearts.”

The funding for each cause will be kick-started with a share of the money generated from sales of 5p carrier bags in local stores, plus the profits from the Co-op’s range of reusable bags.

To find more about our new membership, or if you want to become a member, visit

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  1. I would like to nominate our local cause!
    It provides Chistmas Hampers to young carers in the area who are looking after members of their family!
    It’s The young carers Hamper Appeal in Brindley Quays. Braunston Marina BraunstonDaventry Northamptonshire.
    Anthony F

  2. i would like to register a local cause which helps elderly/disabled and socially isolated people to medical appointments and hospitals, we are a registered Charity and need funds to support our cause, how do we apply

  3. Just been refused due to not being a registered charity . But have applied and have a temporary number . Cadet corps for children aged 6 to 18 . Yet again scouts who are national and the church are in there . It’s easy to define who is a ligitimate charity . You come along and meet us . Our local store wanted us to be accepted due to the scouts getting everything . Absolutely shocking that you restrict it to registered charities. Generally they pay there staff we don’t . Ours are all volunteers .

  4. Also, check out local charity Trafford Hard of Hearing Group, which provides lip reading classes and other support for hard of hearing people in Trafford.

  5. Trafford CIL works with disabled people to promote health and wellbeing, provide advocacy support, support transitions for 18 – 25 year old disabled school leavers, delivers accessible activities and provide Life Coaching. This great charity urgently needs additional support.

  6. I would like to find out about how the local Family Support Group, based in Paisley but serving Renfrewshire, who have a book of stories about their experiences of how substance abuse impacts on the family, can be supported to launch this book so that the community can benefit from their experiences, anyone similarly affected can access support and, of course, these brave people can benefit from the support of their own community

  7. Hi i have tried to register a good cause using firstly my email account then my membership card number but it doesnt seem to recognise my card. Please advise how i can nominate my good cause ‘Family Friends for 5-11’ in Wrexham. Thanks

  8. I agree totally with John White .
    I help to run a voluntary not for profit group for people sexually abused in their childhood called Eastbourne Survivors.
    We are extremely busy now taking referrals from doctors surgeries, crisis team , probation office, police and Mental Health services. We have been providing a lifeline now for many years .
    We have dedicated counsellors especially trained to help those coming forward . Many in a desperate way.
    We tried to apply in the last round but are not a registered charity.
    it takes money , a dedicated paid worker and many hours to complete funding and grant forms. We ensure every penny raised goes to help survivors get the counselling and support needed.
    We can still undertake due diligence show bank statements and produce any evidence asked for .
    These are the real local community groups run by volunteers making a difference to many people’s lives and saving statutory services a lot of money and reducing waiting lists. Please think again about how you can include such groups as ours
    Thank you

  9. I too would like to see local voluntary groups allowed to apply. I help run such a group (see and we help to keep the canals of East London clear of litter and in general just nicer places to visit (for instance by adding kingfisher nesting habitats, bulb planting along the towpath etc). Funding from the Co-op would make a huge difference to organisations such as ours and obviously it would be appropriate to be funded out of the plastic bag fund as we pull many thousands of them out of the canals.

    Often some voluntary non-charitable organisations are a lot more worthy than some so-called charities which are just excuses for funding past times.

  10. Is it possible to consider the billingham food bank?

  11. My local COOP funeral directors in Melksham, Wiltshire have asked me to apply to this cause as I supply them with layettes for Angel babies and my sewing machine is needing replacing. I supply Bath NICU with incubator covers, small quilts for incubators, Christmas stockings, snuggle bears, NICU nests and any other request asked of me. I also supply Bath L&D, Derryford L&D, south Hampton L&D, SANDS, and any private requests with Angel wraps consisting of a tiny wrap 2 hats and a tiny teddy for babies lost between 14/18 weeks and complete layettes for Angel babies lost between 18/30 weeks consisting of a gown, blanket, 2 hats, 2 nappies, a tiny teddy bear. 2 hats and 2 nappies are given so baby wears one and parents can keep one. Everything I make I donate with no payment being asked for to the hospitals, parents and any other organisation I send to, even postage is covered by myself, I also knit twiddle muffs for local people, again always donated. I am not a registered charity, a small charity registered with HMRC for tax, a registered community amateur sports organisation, a church that’s an ‘excepted’ charity or scout/guide club or tax registered. I work on my own sending things where needed and requested and earn nothing from doing this and have never asked for recognition or funds. I have tried applying but find I am not eligible. the shame is there must be loads of people doing things quietly as I do that never ask for help or funding

  12. […] forget we’re looking for the next round of good causes to support in May 2017, the closing date for applications is 16th […]

  13. […] Don’t forget we’re looking for the next round of good causes to support in May 2017. […]

  14. Hi Callum

    Please see below. It’s also been opened up to small charities registered with HMRC for tax.


    Who can apply

    You can apply if you’re:

    a registered charity
    a small charity registered with HMRC for tax
    a registered community amateur sports club
    a church that’s an ‘excepted’ charity
    a Scout or Guide group

  15. h

  16. It is very good to hear that more Co-op Local Community funding is on the way. For reputational reasons the first tranche of funding was restricted to charities and it appears that despite suggestions to the contrary, recipients are again going to be restricted to charities; sports, church and scout groups.

    This is disappointing on two counts.

    One of the original aims of the Strategy Team was to target ‘hyper local’ communities – ‘local causes’. In many communities, a significant number of local causes are not charities, neither are they religious nor sporting. Irrespective of how well known or popular in a community they are – they will be excluded.

    Secondly, if an area struggles to find enough local charities, default funding is likely to go to major charities such as the British Red Cross. Great causes, but how local?

    GIven a funding cycle of six months, there is a risk that many of the groups which benefited from and identified with the co-op in the past will be left out in the cold.

    I would be interested to hear from Council members how they view this situation.

    Callum Johnston, Powys

    (Full disclosure: I am a member of Edible Mach Maethlon, a small co-op bedded in the community which has developed an innovative and mutually beneficial relationship between members, the local Co-operative Forum, the CEA and the Machynlleth Store)

    • Hi Callum, your concerns are noted and we’ve begun the work to understand how we might be able to open up the Co-op Local Community Fund to causes not registered as a charity – without it being abused. As it stands, for our second round of recruitment we’ve opened it up more widely to a registered community amateur sports club, churches that are an ‘excepted’ charity and Scout or Guide groups. ^Jordan

  17. Hi Edward, can you make sure they see this link and encourage them to apply? Thanks ^Scott

  18. Air Ambulance landing space at the Nottingham Queens Medical Centre. This will show we at the Co-op really care for the whole of our region as this will cover Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire


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