It’s been over a month since we launched our new membership to 5 million members. So far we’ve had a fantastic reaction to it and we’d like to hear more from you, our members, about how the 5% and 1% is going down in your communities.

Listening to members should be at the heart of any Co-op. Through our new membership it was so important we made it easier for you to talk to us, tell us what matters to you, and what you want to see us do more, or less, of.

But Member Voice isn’t just about us doing that digitally, you might have already ‘Joined in’ with us online through your online membership account. It’s about seeing our members face-to-face, getting to know them personally and finding out what really matters to them.

That’s why it’s another exciting milestone for us – the launch of our A taste of your Co-op events. We’re coming to a place near you between 12 November and 3 December to take you through what we’ve been doing over the last year for your Co-op. Visit to find your nearest event.

Back to Being Co-op

And we’ll be doing things a little differently. Yes, we’ll update you on how our businesses are achieving in community, and yes, you’ll have the chance to have your say. But we also want to give you a real taste of the experience our colleagues have been through in this memorable year. Plus the chance to sample some of the fantastic award-winning food we’ve been perfecting.

So expect theatre, a trip down memory lane, and some tasty Co-op treats to try.

We’d love to see you there.

The Membership team

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  1. I love this idea and would love to attend but the nearest event to my home town is over 85 miles away (Pitlochry), It would be nice to have an event nearer to my home town say in Inverness or Elgin. I am sure there are many people who would like to attend the events but find it almost impossible to attend without it including an overnight stay …… Just a thought !!!


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