We recently shared our research on millennials’ cooking skills which revealed the cooking skills gap among 16 to 35 year olds.

As an organisation with a rich history of education we have partnered with SORTEDFood, who has one of the world’s most engaged online communities of millennials who help each other to learn about food and cooking, to help tackle this cooking skill gap.

Following our research, which highlighted issues such a a decline in home cooking over the past 30 years and lack of interest in leaning about cooking in people under 35, SORTEDFood have been meeting people from across the country to find out where the issues stem from before seeing what we can do together to help.

This series of videos show SORTEDFood meeting people who are being affected the most by a lack of cooking skills, along with those who work hard within their local community to help tackle the issue.


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  1. […] been working with the Co-op, to explore the cooking gap which has developed amongst 16-35 year olds. If you’re wondering […]



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