December 21, 2016

Have a SORTED Christmas

Hopefully you’ve heard about SORTEDFood? They’re the world’s most engaged YouTube cooking channel with the online community and we’re partnering with them to help us overcome the cooking skills gap – particularly with millennials.

Before I explain more what this is all about, I thought I’d share with you their Christmas greetings to everyone at the Co-op:

What’s this cooking gap?

Back in October, we released a piece of research that looked at the Millennial’s cooking skills gap. It shows how skills and time is at the core of young people not cooking meals from scratch. Of course everyone has a choice, but without these skills, it’s probably harder to budget for food spend and to really keep a handle on healthy eating.

Building on this initial research, the guys from SORTEDFood have been out and about over the last few months and have created a number of other videos to show what they’ve found as they speak to people up and down the UK about cooking. Their latest research film was actually filmed at our very own Co-op Academy in Leeds. All of these are neatly packaged up on their website in the ‘cooking gap’ section of their SORTEDFood blogs. Take a look there if you want to find out more.

What’s this got to do with the Co-op?

We’re building on our heritage of self-help and educating through film to give people these cooking skills. Whether you’re a complete novice or someone who already cooks and fancies upping your game… we’re creating something with the guys at SORTEDFood to help you achieve this. Based on showing the skills and then providing recipes that put those skills into practice, our new venture is something that we hope will help people fall in love with cooking once more.

We’re going to launch this to colleagues first so that you can have a look round and familiarise yourself before customers and Members more broadly get to see it.

The guys at SORTEDFood are excited by this… those who have had a sneak peek to help test it are excited by this. Look out for more in January, and all I can say is, you’ll never chop an onion in the same way again.

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