2016 was such a special year for our Co-op. The reason we achieved so much was down to the hard work and dedication of our 70,000 colleagues.

We’ve been celebrating all that they’ve achieved this year and telling the story of 2016 through 12 brilliant teams. These teams represent everyone in the Co-op.

 Who are they?

1. Legal Services team – who kickstarted 2016 with the acquisition of Collective Legal Solutions which has allowed the business to get much closer to the communities we serve.
2. Pontefract Care Centre team – who’ve already sold 600 Simple pre-paid funeral plans to clients, more than double they managed last year.
3. Insurance team – created a fantastic and fruitful partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, helping to keep our communities safer.
4. Being a Co-op Leader team – did a brilliant job of making the Being a Co-op Leader events come to life for 5,600 leaders.
5. Back to Being Co-op team – worked their socks off to create an experience that will be remembered by 55,000 colleagues for years to come.
6.Castlewood depot team – along with our ten distribution centres, made sure all our new Irresistible range was on the shelves of our stores on time.
7. 21 store teams in North Devon and Somerset – raised a massive £5,000 in one day for British Red Cross and our partnership to help tackle loneliness, by dressing as super heroes.
8. Respect team – our LGBT network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender colleagues made sure what we do as an organisation is LGBT friendly and represents the diverse views of thousands of colleagues.
9. Membership Contact Centre team – worked day and night answering thousands of calls from members for our membership launch.
10. Bow Rd store team – epitomised the enthusiasm of thousands of our colleagues in Food stores everywhere, selling 2,300 temporary member cards.
11. Store and branch refit team – did a brilliant job of co-ordinating and completing hundreds of stores and branches re-fits so our new look was on high streets up and down the UK.
12. Operations Store Support team – have supported our store colleagues through a very busy year.


Watch these short videos on our Co-op YouTube channel to find out more about these fantastic teams and our story of 2016.

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