When I went on my Back to Being Co-op session, the one thing that will stay with me forever is the video that showed colleagues doing amazing things for members of their community.

This was just the start of something wonderful and this seemed to inspire many others to do something great too. While we could never capture them all here, the following film captures just a few of those stories as it looks back at the sessions and introduces us to some new stories on how colleagues up and down the country are living our Ways of Being Co-op.

If you’ve been inspired, please share your story in the comments below.

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  1. The staff at my local Co-op in Calverton do something great every day. They make you feel welcome and are helpful. I’m sure for some in the village this may be the only person they speak to that day. Good job CO-OP.

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  2. I was lucky to be a Back to Being Co-op host and both the video and hearing from colleagues inspired me to always treat people well and with respect. I try to live my ways of being in my personal life too and feel it has helped me be a better person. Because of being Co-op, when I heard of the reverse advent idea I suggested it to the Co-op team, who did everyone proud with what they came up with. It was an amazing feeling giving my reverse advent to a homeless shelter πŸ˜€


  3. The being coop was brilliant work using actors instead of being in class room was great work loved it


  4. I for one from Burwell loved these events and I know my team did too. Being reasonably new to the company it just reiterated why I came to such a great company. Being able to be myself and do what matters most in store and the community definitely brings a rich sense of purpose to my role. A great experience and long may it last.


  5. Great….if we were allowed access to videos. LOL


    • @AC! Sorry, but yes, it’s a pain, but vids aren’t allowed to be viewed in stores because of the need to protect our network. But that’s why the content is on this blog page as this page – and the new colleague site: coop.co.uk/colleagues – can be accessed on any device (no annoying firewalls or sign in needs!). That way, we hope we can help give everyone the ability to access videos like this.



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