Last month we received an alert from our partners at the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) that an urgent appeal was being launched for the crisis unfolding in Yemen.

Months of civil war has left 18.8 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. The violence and conflict has resulted in food and fuel shortages, leaving the population exhausted. Children are dying from malnutrition and almost half a million young people need immediate medical treatment.

How did we respond?

Within 72 hours of the alert, we published communications right across the business and to our members calling for donations. With more than 4 million active members and over 70,000 colleagues, we know that we can make a difference when we mobilise.

Our reach allows us to support the DEC both in raising money but also bringing attention to the situation in Yemen.

Between 15 December and 24 January our members, colleagues and customers have raised £68,000

In addition to this we are directing £50,000 from donations generated by Co-op Fairbourne Springs bottled water to help provide clean water supplies for Yemen.

How will it help?

The money raised will provide people in desperate need with emergency food and life-saving healthcare as well as clean and sustainable water sources.

The £50,000 from Co-op’s Fairbourne Springs bottled water alone will benefit over 13,000 people through repairing water networks, rehabilitating supplies and funding 20 rain harvesting systems and 6,000 water filters. 

Thank you

I’d like to thank all of our members, customers and colleagues for reacting so quickly at Christmas, our busiest time of the year and to everyone who has donated to this appeal.

The DEC will continue to fundraise for the crisis in Yemen until the situation is stable. If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so online.

Barry Clavin
Group Ethics, Sustainability and Campaigns Lead

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  1. Very pleased with charitable giving to the Yemen

    What an important cause .


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