Allow me to introduce you to two breweries, Wooden Hand and Skinner’s. Both local to Truro and both now stocked in over 40 Co-ops throughout Cornwall as part of our commitment to double the number of local suppliers we stock. Between them, these two local breweries will now supply over 70,000 pints a year to Co-op members and customers in Cornwall.

Wooden Hand was born in 2004 from the passion of a handful of local people looking to brew up some cask and bottled ales. They honed their craft based on years of experience and some of the world’s best brewing secrets.

Here’s Andy, with more in this video.

“Wooden Hand is a microbrewry, based just outside Truro. There’s a small team of seven of us and we make small batch craft ales. My favourite Ale we make is actually called Hands Down. It’s a little bit quirky, it’s a black, Pale Ale. It’s rich and chocolately, but it’s still got a nice, light, hoppy hint to it.”

The name, Wooden Hand comes from the ‘Black Hand’ of John Carew of Penwarne. He lost his hand during savage fighting at the great siege of Ostend at the beginning of the 17th century. It was recorded that he retrieved his severed hand from the battlefield and commissioned a replacement made with articulated fingers and brass joints.

Skinner’s started back in 1997 by Steve Skinner, from whom the brewery takes its name. Skinner’s ales are award winning, with CAMRA naming their Betty Stogs bitter Britain’s best bitter.

Their brews are made with Cornish-grown barley and the family are still based in Truro, on the banks of the river.

You can find them in your local Co-op in Cornwall, now.

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Judy Naylor
Ranging Manager

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  1. Rebel Brewery in Falmouth produce a range of Cornish award winning ales

  2. Lovely to see local ale in local stores – but what would be great is to occasionally do a local ale swap, or a real ale trail.

    A lot of these local ales you can buy elsewhere locally; I live nowhere near Cornwall, but as an ale fan, would love to try these. So maybe you could do a real ale ‘festival’ where some of the top-selling local ales from around the country are made available in other stores (in different areas) for a limited time. It’s not *technically* the same, but cask ale week is 21st September – 1st October 2017…

  3. Stocking locally produced goods in local Coop stores is a brilliant idea and is just what I would expect from a business that recognises the importance of community. Can you please look at doing in this in all your stores. I would love the choice of buying local produce which is clearly marked as such.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Mrs Easy. We have pledged to increase the number of small suppliers that we work with to 1,200 by the end of 2017. This UK-wide local sourcing initiative will also see us working with more small and micro-breweries from this month to tap into the growing demand in our stores 🙂 ^Sophie

  4. I just love Betty Stogs, cannot get enough and are really pleased it is now on the shelves at The COOP.


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